The Horizons of Change Vision Untitled Document

The Horizon is a place where perception shifts from what is to what is coming into being.

It is a place where old ways of seeing things merge into new ways of seeing things. From the know to the unknown or from the unknown to the known.

We all have a sense that change is accelerating; what is not as evident, and which may be even more critical, is the fact that change is changing. That is to say, the way change happens and the way we create change is changing. And, we understand – and are constantly learning – more about change than we ever understood before.

Horizons of Change is about supporting organizations and individuals to respond to these realities

It is about helping people and groups of people understand what is going on in the world and how they can best respond to it. It is about helping people and organizations utilize proven tools to do what they do – or want to do – better. It is about responding appropriately to the new social, organizational, political and economic dynamics happening and coming into being in the world.

The only way we can live and succeed is by increasing our ability to perceive and respond appropriately. This is true for each of us as individuals and for the organizations and communities of which we are a part.

We may call our organizations businesses, communities, governments, coalitions, associations, assemblies, families, villages, cities or many other things. What we are dealing with are communities of people.

While much depends on the skills and values of the people involved, working in groups and organizations also involves group dynamics that can deeply shift the outcomes beyond the individuals involved, into higher and transfomative possibilities or into more problematic results. By looking and working with organizations as a whole, we can make choices which optimize these possibilities.

Horizons of Change is about making tools available to help you and your organization face day-to-day realities or cross into new horizons and new manifestations of change

The consultants at Horizons of Change can work with you as an individual or with your organization as a whole.

As an individual we will work with you one on one and in small groups, to build your capacity to perceive and respond to changing realities. Our work will help you become fully engaged with the realities in your life and in the life of your organization.

As an organization, we will work with you and mixed teams of stakeholders in your organization to design and utilize large group tools which will support your specific organizational needs. In this way, we help organizations to become connected – as organizations – to the new, changing realities they face. Your organization can become a learning, self-motivated entity, the kind of organization that can function well and efficiently at the horizons of change.

In each case, we use new and emerging tools – as well as established, proven tools – which develop the capacity of organizations and indiviuals by tapping into the wisdom which already exists in those individuals and systems. We believe the individuals in your organization are the experts. We help you surface this expertise through proven interventions and methodologies.