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Mission/Vision and Strategic Planning

HORIZONS applies its understanding of whole systems to mission/vision and strategic planning processes in a dynamic that surfaces the wisdom and creativity inherent in the organization in a time efficient process. All the necessary voices are engaged in a manner that supports the discovery of an organization-wide vision based on the mission, values and common interests of the organization. The common elements of this vision are developed into commitments to implement the plan. The planning process takes place in one or more large meetings and action teams network with each other as they follow through on implementation. Some of the advantages of this approach are that it can be done in a relatively short period of time, supports broad understanding and broad buy-in of the plan and flows smoothly into implementation.

Common Ground

HORIZON's approach results in an integrated process in which everyone knows what is going on and understands their role. It helps the organization understand its common interests and clarify the nature of disagreements and conflicts. While the process provides an opportunity for the organization to clarify both agreements and conflicts, the vision and action planning are focused to allow the group to act from areas of common ground.

Planning for Success, Flexibility and a Good Experience

By working with a planning team from within the organization to design and focus the planning process and clarify who needs to be involved, the strategic plan can be accomplished very quickly and effectively while responding to the specifc needs of the organization.

While the classical approach to strategic planning can be particularly tedious and time consuming and frustratingly difficult to implement, the whole system approach can turn the process in to an exciting, creative, and productive experience.


Horizon is available to provide ongoing support. This usually includes one or more follow-up sessions (from 1-6 months following the initial planning work) to review the plan and its implementation.