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Some of the tools used by Horizons

FUTURE SEARCH provides a simple, straightforward structured process adaptable to specific needs, which creates a very powerful common experience for the participants. It provides good support for groups that donít have developed process skills as well as more experienced groups. Some of its advantages:

  • It is structured.
  • It is fairly easy to implement without extensive experience.
  • It provides collaborative and meeting skill development techniques.
  • It does not require consultant-intensive participation which makes it less expensive.
  • It engages stakeholders in a range of activities that appear to provide a powerful synergy for community and action towards a vision.
  • It can handle groups of 50-500 people.

REAL TIME STRATEGIC CHANGE is a collection of large group tools that can be applied in various ways. It is useful, in particular, where large numbers of people need to be engaged and where buy in or modification is needed for already existing plans. o It is flexible. o It is often used in a consultative mode to advise already existing plans or plans made by a separate planning body. o It can engage very large groups (even >1000). o It requires a fairly large a team of consultants and logistics personnel.

OPEN SPACE is an extremely flexible process involving a minimum of structure. It is based on the assumption that people who are passionate about something will find ways of self-organizing and provides a framework within which they can do that. o It is designed on the spot by participants. o It is very flexible. o It appeals easily to a range of participants. o It is easy to implement with minimal facilitation. o It works for very small to very large numbers of people. Open Space, in our experience, is most useful for groups that already have a common focus and some experience with process. We use it quite often as a followup to another large group process, or as a part of other work.

CUSTOM DESIGNS are supported by HORIZON's extensive use of planning teams from within the organization or community. Once whole system principles are understood, planning teams come up with original approaches that fit their specific needs. We put a high value on educating the system so that it can rely on its own capacities.